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Servilletero de madera de parota en forma de pez
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From real estate developments and large hotels to residential homes.
Juan Pablo CantuCustomer

To be honest, you can find the quality of what furniture offers in very few places. Their designs and assemblies are beautiful.

Brenda TorresClient

Super good quality in their furniture, as well as variety and unique designs. Very good attention from your staff. I would definitely buy again.

Carlos GonzalezCustomer

I made a purchase of several furniture and decoration items and I am totally satisfied with each piece, it is seen that everything is made in detail and with the best hand, 100% recommended.

Rodrigo PerochenaCustomer

Excellent quality, customer commitment and on-time delivery. The designs are very original

Samantha MercadoDecorator

I like Muebla's designs because, being timeless, you can adapt them to your decoration in different ways over the years.
The details and finishes are well done.

Nicole HernandezDecorator

The furniture is beautiful, they have a wide variety of models and the service is excellent!

Our Favorites

Unique parota and purple rose pieces. Mexican Art.

Everything for your bedroom

The bedroom of your dreams, with unique Mexican style designs

We use High Quality National Woods

Our raw materials have a minimum kilning period of 6 months in addition to the steel mill, to ensure their quality.
Parota Wood

Parota Wood is one of the most recognized nationally for the incredible beauty of its texture and color; Its weight makes it ideal for manufacturing furniture since its malleability and resistance allows us to create excellent finishes that last a lifetime.

  • Termite resistance: High
  • Fungal resistance: High
  • Durability: High
Pink Purple Wood

Purple rose wood with its light tones and pink veins gives us a special touch in each piece of furniture. It is an easy wood to work with due to its characteristics in weight and texture, as well as being easy to dry and with very little tendency to twist or crack. , which makes it perfect for the manufacture of fine furniture.

  • Termite resistance: High
  • Fungal resistance: High
  • Durability: High

Spring Wood

Yellowish wood with pronounced grain and great ease of working. Wood that, thanks to its firmness, is excellent for veneers and utility furniture.

  • Termite resistance: Moderate
  • Fungal resistance: Moderate

Durability: High


Tropical tree from Jalisco, similar to the guava tree (from which it gets its name) with smooth, whitish wood. It is a very hard and resistant wood but it does not have a very wide trunk.

Parota Wood
Pink Purple Wood
Spring Wood